Our Trolleys

 Michigan Trolley offers a wide variety of unique trollies to serve all occasions.

Hollie the Trolley

This rendition of the San Francisco Street Car has been detailed to perfection. From the brass bell on the cupola to the Philippine Mahogany on the seats and the exterior make this an excellent bridal choice.  This  vehicle is air conditioned for hot summer days.
Seating: This trolley has a mix of perimeter and forward facing seats and is also handicap accessible.  The brass railing and hand grabs make this unique ride to your desired destination a special treat. 
Passengers: 26 

Ollie The Trolley

Ollie the Trolley is one of our open air Trolley's that we are so well known for. While sitting back and enjoying your ride you will notice the polished brass rails, park bench style seats, mahogany interiors beautifully refinished, and etched glass windows. A great way to travel in a parade or transportation for your wedding event. 
Seating: This open-air unit has forward facing seats for up to 34 people to enjoy a nostalgic ride to your desired destination.
Passengers: 34



Pollie the Trolley

Pollie the Trolley is a White beauty.  This trolley is fully enclosed, and has air conditioning for the summer months and a heater for the winter. This beautiful trolley with comfort padded seating is great for weddings and other day trippin events.  
Seating: Pollie can seat up to 34 passengers forward facing and features a fully restored interior. Handicapped accessible.
Passengers: 34

Rollie the Trolley

Rollie the Trolley is fully enclosed, and has air conditioning for the summer months and a heater for winter. This trolley is great for those fun events with friends and family. Cooler space available and comfort padded seating.
Seating: Rollie can seat up to 30 passengers total.  There is forward facing in the front and perimeter seating in the back of the trolley.
Passengers: 30